What happens at dinner

This is what happens while we wait for dinner to be ready around here. Ian wants to know if he can keep drawing more slices on the pizza, but once I pointed out that 1/64 of a pizza is a really, REALLY small piece, he decided we’d done enough.

Keeghan thinks we are idiots, because he can see perfectly well that the “pizza” is actually a piece of paper.


Zombie Attack

In one of our moments of random family geekiness, we were looking up music trivia before 7 am today. Specifically, The Zombies and The Kinks.

Ian: Mommy, Keeghan is a Zombie Baby. Why is he a zombie?
Me: Well, he’s very tired, and he’s making a zombie face.
Michael: Yeah, he’s hungry for our brains.
Ian: I’m the one who attacks the Zombie Baby. AND RIDES ON HIM.
Me: I don’t think you can actually ride your brother.