At the beginning of November 2012, my amazing friend Jenn mentioned on Facebook that she really should do something about getting healthy. “ME TOO!” I said. She said she needed to start an organized exercise plan. “ME TOO!” I said. And her doctor had recommended she start eating healthier. Plus she’d like to lose about 30 pounds. “ME TOO!” I said. “LET’S DO IT!” I said. So we checked our calendars and made a commitment to start Chris Freytag’s 10 lb slimdown and the South Beach diet, in our respective cities, on November 12. We’d both tried and struggled in the last year- finding it hard to put ourselves first and to stay focused and motivated and make our healthy eating and personal fitness goals a reality. Each of us had seen recent photos of ourselves that appalled us with the story they told about our health.

We started checking in every day with updates about our progress, which turned into talking about all the things that had been holding us back. As we identified and named each of them, there were a lot more “ME TOO!” moments, and, not surprisingly, having talked them over with a friend allowed us to beat down each obstacle standing in our way and forge ahead. Eight weeks in, both of us have seen amazing progress. We look better, we feel better, and we are still helping each other stay on track.

Won’t you join us? Make a commitment to yourself to become STRONGER this year. Make a plan. Check in with us here (use that comment box down there or on any of my progress posts!) or on Facebook. Let’s cheer each other on! YES, WE CAN! (Need to start small? Look for 10 minute workouts on Youtube. YES YOU CAN!)

Want to follow my progress? You’ll find those posts here.

PS- this project has a Pinterest Board. We’d love to have your pins! Let me know you’re interested and I’ll add you!

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