March for Babies 2010

Please join us in supporting our March for Babies mission this year!  Our walk is over, but we’ll continue raising money to help save babies through June 30!

The March of Dimes conducts this annual event as a fund and awareness raising project in the hopes that one day they can end birth defects and prematurity, and that every baby can go home healthy.  The Joy Troupe is marching as a team for the third year in a row- I hope you’ll join us.

Doesn’t every family deserve the moment they meet their newest member to be filled with unmitigated joy?

On March 3, 2010, I pledged to walk 100 miles by 4/25/10 and to donate 25 cents for each mile I walked to help save babies. We did it! I walked my 100th mile on 4/24/10, together with my beautiful, healthy family.
I am humbled by the generosity of my family and friends… I have surpassed my fundraising goal, and my team is nearing its goal of $5,000! Thank you all for making it possible!
Miles walked to help save babies: 100.3
Stop on Virtual walk to Gettysburg: Gettysburg National Military Park
I gave the babies: $25.08
Thank you to our very, very generous sponsors:

  • Brad & Diane
  • Vic & June
  • Bob & Mary-Alice
  • Joe Jones
  • Alexandra H.
  • Joan M.
  • Bea Z.

Here are the stops on my virtual walk to Gettysburg:

  1. Bren Mar Park Mile 4
  2. Accotink Stream Valley Park Mile 11
  3. Scott’s Run Nature Preserve Mile 18
  4. Seneca Creek State Park Mile 36
  5. Sugarloaf Mountain Mile 52
  6. Catoctin Mountain Park Mile 72
  7. Gettysburg National Military Park Mile 94

Here are our online auctions.  100% of the net proceeds will be donated to the March for Babies!

Total Funds Raised by Auctions to date:$434.82

What can you donate for an auction in support of the March for Babies? I know the Joy Troupe is full of clever, talented folks.  Do you take semi-professional pictures? Donate a couple hours of your time and do a photo shoot.  Do you have a home based business?  Donate product or a gift certificate- your business will be mentioned in mailings and advertising postings. Do you knit or crochet? Make a beautiful baby hat- you know, like the kind they sell in those “Grandma Stores,” where no Grandmother can resist dropping some serious money!

The best candidates for fundraising auctions will be unique, one of a kind items and experiences that the winning bidder will treasure.  Personal Chef, house cleaning, babysitting, and yard work are all good ideas, too- anything folks would normally pay for that you’re willing to donate your time so the money can go toward SAVING BABIES!

Closed Auctions

Custom Infant or Toddler Quilt

Professional Photography Package

The “I’d Marry you for this” Cake

Laila Print Udder Covers Gift Set

The Ultimate Joy Troupe Birthday Party Package

From hospital & coming home

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