Ian’s First Snowman

There was actually a bit too much ice mixed in with the snow to make a proper snow man, so we rolled ONE ball and then we faked it.  Ian got to stick the arms in, which means this was just perfect as far as he was concerned.

“Mommy, we need another body.  There have to be two.”

“Look, I did it! I put it in!”

I found another arm! Here I come!

Big Snow…

…for Northern VA. No comparison to last year, thank goodness. Ian has informed us that he is all covered with Frosty Ice.

We’re fine with that, because, one year ago this week, we were digging our car out of the driveway without the aid of a snow shovel, trying to convince our two-year-old to help us by reminding him that “Rama’s got cookies!”

We’ll deal with the blanket of idiocy that descends upon NOVA residents when the first inch of snow accumulates… really.  It’s no big.   We’ve got shovels and snow melt this year- we’re good.