Then again, maybe it started here…


From the family archive. (Thanks, Uncle Barry.) You are looking at the Wise and Wonderful Betty Gray, back when she was the Wonderful Betty Lynch. Along with her sisters, Jean and Eileen.

If I’d known how very much I’d someday want my children to feel like they knew her, I’d have spent several weeks with her writing her childhood as a children’s book. I’d still like to do that, but it would have been more fun to collaborate with her.

That’s one darn sarcastic kid we’re raising.

Do you remember the comic strip “Calvin and Hobbes?” I do. I remember that I used to think it was fiction. Now I keep hearing things come out of Ian’s mouth that make me think it was written from life. For instance:

Daddy: Ian, Mommy doesn’t know everything.
Ian: No, she doesn’t, but YOU don’t either.

Let us at least hope his imagination keeps up with his smart mouth. On thae subject of imagination, he’s still captivated by the Elf on the Shelf.

I was out for the evening last night and came home just in time to put him to bed before Keeghan’s 10 pm feeding. Thankfully he’s having a bit of a lie-in as a result. So he hasn’t seen this yet:



Me: Ian, it’s not all about the presents. If you’re naughty Santa will be disappointed. YOU WOULDN’T WANT TO MAKE SANTA CRY.
Ian: Does Santa shout at his reindeer?
Me: I don’t know, sweetie, but if they wander around naked when they should be putting on their jammies, they might drive him to it.
Ian: Mommy, reindeer don’t use jammies.