This is why I don’t get asked to babysit more often.

The joys of Lego star warsI’m watching a friend’s daughter this morning, who happens to be great pals with Ian.

Ian: Sophie, after our snack we will play Star Wars THE CLONE WARS!
Sophie: (makes boys are stupid face)
Me: No, after your snack, you are going to ask Sophie what she would like to do, and you’re going to listen to the answer before you decide.
Sophie: We could play kings and queens! Ian, you could be the king, and I could be the queen.
Ian: I don’t know about that.
Me: What about a compromise? Aren’t there any queens in Star Wars?
Ian. No.
Me: Then who is Amidala?
Ian: Oh yes! Queen Amidala of Naboo! I will be a clone trooper, and we will attack her planet!
Sophie: (makes boys are stupid face)
Me: Ian, you might need to show Sophie some of your Star Wars books so Sophie understands who lives on Naboo.
Sophie: (makes the books are awesome face) Good, because I didn’t even know about that until you mentioned it!

They are researching Naboo in Ian’s book collection right now. I expect that Sophie’s parents, like all good geek parents everywhere, think that particular Star Wars episode is terrible. So all I can say is…

I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry.


18 thoughts on “This is why I don’t get asked to babysit more often.

  1. LOL seeing as what Sophie really wanted to play was Hamlet those are perfect! Star Wars was fine for us, but I admit that movie is dreadful! As we might return Ian to you composing sonnets to a skull I can’t complain. And yes I know that Hamlet is not appropriate for five year olds…..

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