New year, new “desk.”

Every year around this time I go a little nuts and rearrange everything. It’s partly to accommodate all the gifts we just got and partly a kind of New Year fever. Normally it involves moving furniture, which turns up a lot of dust bunnies and pretty much everything I’ve ever lost in my life. Frequently I “archive” some of the toys and games.

This year’s project was my desk. For quite some time I’ve been considering a switch to a standing work station, on account of how I keep hearing they are better for your health… but recently my sciatic nerve has been even more sensitive to too much chair time than normal. (Could it have anything to do with lifting a 40+ pound toddler in all the wrong ways?) So this year’s crazy took hold of the old TV armoire and did this:20131230-105705.jpg
I know, it looks nice and tidy right now. The rest of the room looks like my old desk threw up on it. I can’t wait to see what this looks like in two weeks.

(If you’re looking for a “how to,” I just took the shelf that used to hold up the TV and reversed it to hang from the top. I added a pre-fab keyboard drawer that was a much appreciated Christmas gift from my brother, and made sure everything cleared the doors. I’ll eventually replace the plastic drawers in the bottom with actual shelves, but for now, this works.)

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