No 7 Week Itch here!

I have finished seven weeks of my workout and healthy eating overhaul. (If you look up at the top right of my homepage, you’ll see that this now has it’s own page, titled “Project STRONGER!”) This week, I started the 10 lb Slimdown Xtreme and also had a nasty stomach virus, just to keep things interesting. (We wouldn’t want me to get bored and quit, now would we?) Which was fun because it was an opportunity for my motivation and my perfectionism to have a cage match showdown in my head.

The fact that I had to take a day off my plan on account of illness was not a decision, it was simply a given. I could barely function, let alone work out, even Yoga.  The issue came the NEXT day, when I was on day 6 of my week and day 5 of my plan. Which didn’t matter much because I wasn’t up to the full workout in any case, so I did a short day of yoga and planned to continue the workouts in sequence, skip the rest day (since I’d already had one) and keep going. Which totally doesn’t work. (I’d have been doing the same workout two days in a row.)

So now I’m on Day 7, week 1, of the plan, and I’m on day 8 of my week. (Also known as week 8, day 1 of this project.) See my problem? Not only isn’t it enough time to show I care, It makes me feel like I left the windshield wipers up in the middle of the windshield when I turned off the car. NEVER do that. It’s very disconcerting.

I’m trying not to let myself ruin this for myself, though, so I’m just going to roll with it. What do you do if you have a “sick day” in your workout plan? Do you skip over that day’s planned workout, pick up on the next workout in the plan, or rearrange the workouts on your list so you get them all in by the original end date, whatever that may be? I’ll have to see if I can deal with having it take me 29 (or more) days to complete a 28 day workout plan.

Monday Progress Report:

I feel like I should specify here that I’m tracking my TOTAL progress. So when I say + or -, I mean vs. day 1, not since my last progress report. It helps me to keep the big picture in mind, so I don’t get discouraged on weeks where progress is smaller.

Day: 57
The scale has moved: -14 lbs
The inches have changed: -15 inches
I feel: Grateful not  to have been sicker.
I’ve walked: 66.7 miles and counting!

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